Review Policy

Hello there!   If you like what you see on Little Blue Library, and would like to have your book featured on my blog, you are in the right place!  However, due to the large amount of requests I receive, and my limited time for reviewing, I do have several guidelines and preferences for the books I review

  1. My preferred genres are fantasy, historical fiction, dystopian, and YA contemporary.  I also enjoy reading middle-grade books of any genre, and will accept those as well.
  2. If your book is accepted for review, I will have an honest review up on my blog within 8 weeks of receiving the book.  If you have a specific need of a review sooner than those 8 weeks, I try my best to accommodate your requests.
  3. I love reviewing books by self-published, indie authors!  I feature one self-published book on my blog each month, so please keep in mind that the month that your review is posted will be based on the number of self-published books I have on my list.  I will email you individually once your book is accepted to let you know when to expect the review.  Again, If you need a review sooner, due to release date, etc… I will try my best to do so.
  4. Hard copy submissions take priority over ebooks.  However, I understand that (especially for new authors) you may not have the funds to send review copies to everyone.  I do accept ebook submissions, just please understand that I attempt to read and review the physical copies that I am sent before getting to the ebooks.  One of my reasons for this is that I love to photograph your books and share them on my bookstagram account, so that those followers, in addition to my blog followers, are exposed to the books I recommend.
  5. You can contact me at  Please include in your review request email the following:  any and all of your book links (Amazon, Goodreads, your author website, etc…) as well as your author social media accounts (especially Instagram, if you use it – so I can tag you in my bookstagram photos of your books!)

Feel free to contact me with questions, comments, or concerns about anything on this page.  I love working with authors – and one of my favorite things about this blog is sharing books I love with my readers.  This would not be possible without you, so thank you, thank you! to everyone who has and will send their lovely books my way ❤