Hello 🙂

My name is Anna, and I am just a beginning book blogger and bookstagrammer.  I have had a love for reading ever since I can remember, and I have worked (and grown up basically) in libraries since I was 12.  However, in the past year and a half since I started college, I have just not been reading as much as I once did.  I started this blog as a way to motivate myself to read more – and to share my love for reading with others, so maybe they will get motivated to pick up a book.  My goal for this blog is to share with you my honest opinion of all the books I read.

So, a little bit about me… I am 19 years old, and I am a sophomore in college, majoring in Public Relations with a minor in Journalism.  My goal after I graduate is to get a master’s degree in Library Science, and then continue to work in libraries.  I have a passion for people, and for community, and for books.  And I think that a library is the perfect combination of all of those things.  I chose PR and Journalism because I think that PR skills (public speaking, a variety of writing techniques, working with the public and journalists, etc…) would all be beneficial to working in a library.  And I also love freelance writing, which is where the journalism comes in.

I want this blog to become a mixture of the stories I am passionate about, and the things that you all want to see.  So, if you have any advice, suggestions, or words of wisdom for this beginning blogger, you can contact me at mylittlebluelibrary@gmail.com

Thanks for popping in!  I hope you like what you see, and come visit again soon ❤


One thought on “About

  1. Hi Anna. I came across your blog/review site with The Book Blogger List. Would you be interested in an ARC review of my YA Fantasy/Adventure novel PORTALLAS – FORESTIUM? There’s lost of great stuff on the book’s web-site: http://portallas.com.

    Thanks, and hope to hear from you soon 🙂


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