Selection Fan Cast!

In honor of me finally finishing the Selection series, I have decided to finally share with you a post I have been drafting for weeks. Enjoy 🙂

okay, so I did the thing.  The thing that everyone has been doing ever since it was announced that The Selection movie rights have been purchased.

I made a fan cast.  Mostly I just did this because I have seen so many that are just so wrong that I had to fix it and set the universe right. Part of me wants to hide in shame, but part of me also wants to show of this list with pride because it is perfection in my eyes and I will always love it forever.

Here we go…


Holland Roden as American Singer.  I seriously debated this… as I know that I would not be the first to cast Holland as American (also, there is the irony that her name is already a country…), and I am trying to be original.  However – looking at this picture, I see exactly what I imagined from the radiant smile that won America a spot in the Selection.  Holland is a gorgeous redhead, and I honestly think that she has a strong enough acting style and personality that she could pull off America really well.


Sam Claflin as Maxon Shreave.  I feel like Sam Claflin is not a person who would come to mind immediately when thinking of the best person to portray Maxon.  But after an enormous amount of thought – he was my final pick for several reasons.  He has the ability to portray deep and passionate love, which is so important.  Through The Prince novella by Kiera, we see that Maxon fell in love with America basically at first sight.  You would need a very sensitive actor to present those feelings in an accurate light.  Also, I think Sam would do a wonderful job depicting Maxon’s light and playful side.  And can’t you just picture him with a camera in his hand?  Not to mention he looks fabulous in a suit.  It’s basically meant to be.


Tyler Hoechlin as Aspen Ledger.  Okay, I know what you are thinking.  Yes, I can actually read your mind.  “Oh, well why don’t we just have a Teen Wolf cast reunion while you are at it?”  And I’m so very sorry but I can’t help it that two cast members that are PERFECT in every way just happen to come from the same TV show.  But seriously, Tyler is 100% how I always imagined Aspen.  Dark and brooding, but with a hidden, tender side.  You can’t deny that it is kind of brilliant. (If you are denying it, just look at those eyes and rethink your life decisions)


Chloe Grace Moretz as Marlee Tames.  This was an easy pick for me.  Marlee is one of my favorite of the Selected girls, and Chloe is one of my favorite actors of all time.  She is just so quirky and sweet, and I feel like she could bring out the very best in Marlee’s character.  Plus, again she is just looks so much like I imagined Marlee as I was reading the books.


Blake Lively as Celeste Newsome.  After much deliberation, I suddenly opened my eyes and wondered why Blake hadn’t occurred to me from the beginning.  She perfectly fits the image of Celeste.  She is strong, confident, beautiful – model worthy.  But, she also has a human side, which is so important to the character of Celeste.

also – bonus,  if I were casting the younger Clarkson and Amberly as portrayed in The Queen novella, they would definitely be Aaron Tveit and Emily Blunt


There are so, SO many characters remaining to cast – America’s family, the other selected girls, the maids… and I could go on and on.  Not to mention all the lovely characters from The Heir and The Crown.  If you enjoy posts like this, I might to a part 2 or “next generation” cast post someday soon!  Also, let me know what you think of my choices.  Do you agree?  Who would you cast in these major roles?  I can’t wait to hear your thoughts ❤